We usually think of upcoming remakes and reboots as infamous flops in the making. That awful shot-for-shot remake ofPsycho想到。谁能忘记西尔维斯特·史泰龙(Sylvester Stallone)的糟糕美国人Get Carter?好吧,我们wantedto forget, but the trauma will last a lifetime.

Yet now and then, a remake or reboot comes along that surprises audiences with its cinematic merits and ends up being better than the original. The following are seven examples:


The originalOcean’s Eleven(“Ocean’s 11”) was mostly an excuse for Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack to hang out together in Vegas for six weeks. While George Clooney and his fellow Hollywood hunks followed the same playbook 40 years later, they benefited from having Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh behind the camera. The result was a masterfully filmed heist movie. The sights and sounds of glittering赌场扑克machines operating in the background – a staple of the genre – never looked or sounded so good. In a world where the house almost always wins, it’s nice to see a team of rogues walk out the door with millions, even if they stole it.


Matt Damon was not the first actor to play Jason Bourne on screen. Robert Ludlum’s 1980 novel was first adapted in 1988 as a TV movie starring Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith. While the 1988 version is arguably more faithful to the book, it lacks the carefully choreographed fight scenes and iconic car chases found in the more recent adaptations.

The Thing (1982)

John Carpenter’sThe Thinghas become a staple of the sci-fi horror genre. Its practical and special effects remain some of the most sophisticated ever conceived for a Hollywood production. While virtually every remarkable aspect of the John Carpenter version is original, the film is a remake of来自另一个世界的东西,released in 1951. The original is certainly worth watching – but its B-movie budget and mediocre cinematography leave much to be desired.

Ben-Hur (1959)

An urban legend persists regarding William Wyler’sBen-Hur, about how a stuntman was killed while filming the chariot race scene, and they kept the footage in the final cut. These rumors are, in fact, rooted in the silent-film adaptation from 1925, in which over a hundred horses were killed during production. While the 1925 adaptation is not without its merits, the version starring Charlton Heston became the gold standard of the “sword and sandal” genre, winning Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Cinematography. The chariot race alone remains one of the most spectacularly shot sequences in cinema history.


We don’t mean to pick on Sylvester Stallone. But德雷德法官(1995) is a case study in what not to do when adapting a beloved comic book character for the big screen. Contrast that with德雷德(2012年),由卡尔·厄本(Karl Urban)主演,是未来的毫无意义的超级演出。关键接待以及粉丝的反应 - 出于充分的理由要好得多。令人难以置信的世界建设,用于使巨型城市的预算以较小的预算栩栩如生,再加上Urban和Lena Heady的令人印象深刻的表演,使您忘记了所有关于它的重制的一切死硬死硬的顽固的(1988) as it is a reboot.

Heat (1995)

It’s not every day a filmmaker gets to remake his own movie. But that’s what Michael Mann got to do in the mid-90s when he set about making Heat, a big-screen version of an earlier television movie he wrote and directed titled洛杉矶(1989)。比较归结为低预算和高预算生产之间的差异;洛杉矶似乎是一件彩排Heat. Everything from the iconic opening heist to the unforgettabledowntown shootoutto the famous diner scene appears in both versions. But whereas the original looks like it was filmed on VHS with a cast of nobodies,Heat被Panavision 35毫米拍摄,由一代人的两个最好的演员主演。


蒂姆·伯顿(Tim Burton)Batman(1989年)是一种文化现象,这要归功于其对哥谭市和斗篷十字军的黑暗描绘。克里斯托弗·诺兰(Christopher Nolan)黑暗骑士三部曲(2005-2012) captivated audiences with a more realistic but nonetheless iconic portrayal. Both are considered the best cinematic depictions of Batman ever made, but there’s a new contender in town. Matt Reeves’The Batman(2022)does an incredible job marrying the comic book atmosphere of Burton’s film with the character depth witnessed in Nolan’s adaptation. While it can be slow at times, it’s the most accomplished of any single Batman movie to date.

Remakes and reboots tend to be terrible. But every once in a while, we get one that stands out for all the right reasons. While rehashing old stories will never replace the need for original storytelling and innovative ideas, they serve as a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of film and ever-changing expectations of modern movie audiences.

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