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Genre: Animation | Action | Comedy Directed by: Don Hall, Chris Williams Starring: Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Jamie Chung Written by: Don Hall (story), Jordan Roberts (story
Genre: Animation | Action | Comedy
Directed by: Don Hall, Chris Williams
Starring: Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Jamie Chung
Written by: Don Hall (story), Jordan Roberts (story

大英雄6is the first animated superhero film to come from Pixar sinceThe Incrediblesand in my opinion,大英雄6现在是皮克斯的顶级超级英雄电影。

影片打开时,我们被介绍给美学上令人愉悦的视觉效果,这些视觉效果从头到尾都封装了电影。以平时的皮克斯方式,设置充满活力,角色表达了栩栩如生。从动画的角度来看大英雄6proves that Pixar is on a progressive path towards technological advancement. Their films continue to flourish visually and大英雄6是他们视觉艺术的证明。

While the visuals were stunning, a film’s substance comes from its plot and character development.大英雄6follows a typical plot for a superhero type film. The internal conflict of a talented young boy teeters to the side of righteousness after a traumatic moment gives him reason to use his talents. In the name of justice and righteousness he bands together a group of unlikely heroes against a powerful villainous force. For those looking for suspense and bewilderment, you may not find it in大英雄6’s stereotypical superhero story. What you will find is a universally enjoyable film that can appeal to a variety of audiences and families. While not incredibly original, the plot is a proven formula for entertainment and大英雄6executes that formula well.

Stunning Visuals
Stunning Visuals

The characters that make up the superhero team known as “Big Hero 6” are intriguing as they relate to the plot. Their collaboration is authentic as they all share the same motive with their leader Hiro (being the most passionate in regards to that motive). Their attributes as heroes are all unique but the source of their powers is what is most unique. Every character gains their powers through means of invention and this fits with the underlying theme.大英雄6推动了智力是一种超级力量的想法,并通过角色的发明和Hiro上大学的推动来加强它。除了电影的娱乐价值外,这还向年轻且令人印象深刻的观众传达了一个很好的信息,这些观众崇拜超级英雄。


In addition to their unique powers, each character has their own unique personality that many movie-goers can relate to. Hiro is the character that is the driving force and the most dynamic. We see him grow from an isolationist to a collaborative team player which is an emotional ride. Throughout that process his attachment to the robot Baymax is what helps him to grow as they together make up the primary hero of the film. The other characters all share supportive characteristics that help Hiro’s development throughout the film. Go Go is a strong willed woman who instills determination and confidence. Honey Lemon is the opposite of Go Go having an upbeat and bubbly personality. Wasabi is a more hindered individual that is reluctant in his own abilities. Fred is the opposite of Wasabi being overly confident and provides the comic relief for the film. Together, all of the characters fall into a wide spectrum of personalities that further the development of大英雄6主角宏。

Overall I would say that大英雄6is a justifiable venture for movie goers of all ages. It relies on a formulaic plot that we’ve seen many times but that plot is executed very well. Outside of the plot and usual cinematics, the visuals are amazing. If you are a fan of superhero films, animated films, or all of the above, then大英雄6is a must see for you.

大英雄6– 7.5 out of 10


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