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类型:传记|戏剧|历史Directed by: A.J. Edwards Starring: Jason Clarke, Diane Kruger, Brit Marling Written by: A.J. Edwards
Directed by: A.J. Edwards
Written by: A.J. Edwards

Synopsis: The story of Abraham Lincoln’s childhood in the harsh wilderness of Indiana and the hardships that shaped him, the tragedy that marked him for ever and the two women who guided him to immortality. (c) Imdb

Better Angelsis the directorial debut for A.J. Edwards, and it’s a good a start as a filmmaker can have. Edwards is a longtime protégée of the famed director Terrence Malick who is also producer on this film. This film looks exactly what you would invasion a Terrence Malick film to look like. The focus on nature is undeniable. The tall trees, flowing creeks, corn fields, are just a few of the vast amount of nature that is portrayed as a character in a film.

Better Anglesis a film about a three year span in the childhood of Abraham Lincoln. If you don’t read the description prior to seeing the film, it’s easy to be unaware about who these characters are, much less that it’s a story about Lincoln. From the start of the film the filmmaker zeroes in on the setting. The Lincoln’s live in an isolated forest, living in a little hut, with no sight of any other life. They live a very a very simple life, struggling to get by day-to-day. The family life is turned upside down with the death of Nancy Lincoln. The family is forced to move on quickly, as the film rapidly introduces Tom Lincoln’s (Jason Clarke) new wife Sarah (Diane Kruger). There isn’t much left to describe. The plot is overly simplistic, with seemingly no rising action. What it manages to achieve is to chronicle the daily life and routines of the family. Tom Lincoln is shown as a strict, unemotional, family patriarch. The Lincoln boys bond over self-imposed wrestling matches, these matches seem to draw the brothers together. There is one boy who stands out from the rest. He’s curious, rebellious, and brave. That boy is Abraham.

Intimidating man Tom Lincoln
Intimidating man Tom Lincoln

The film makes no mention of Abraham becoming the future leader of this nation. It purposely avoids and contrast. It’s a pure character piece. Edwards specifically aims to to showcase a portion of Abe’s life that hasn’t been documented in cinema, and gets little recognition in historical artifacts. It’s a bold attempt by Edwards to base the movie on that premise. It’s what ultimately makes the film unique.

这部传记片中有一些神话般的才华横溢的演员。炙手可热的杰森·克拉克(Jason Clarke)扮演沉闷的汤姆·林肯(Tom Lincoln)。克拉克的看法是现实的。他为无生命的角色献出了一些生命。克拉克(Clarke)展示的有细微差别显示出汤姆(Tom)的斯多利亚一面较少。英国马林是南希·林肯。她的角色更像是一个客串,我们看不到她的太多,对于像马林这样的崛起人才而言,这是一个令人难忘的角色。黛安·克鲁格(Diane Kruger)是莎拉·林肯(Sarah Lincoln)。她做出了很好的工作,使自己的角色本质上可能是不太可能的,讨人喜欢的。扮演年轻林肯的布雷登·丹尼(Braydon Denney)相当乏味。 He just isn’t very memorable.


Better Anglesis a historical biopic that feels more like a documentary than a film. It’s quite boring, but it’s not a knock on the film. It’s very skillfully made. Terrence Malick has made quite the impression on Edwards. It looks, feels, and comes through like a typical Malick film. Visually detailed, character driven, and lacking standard narrative continuity. It definitely won’t be appealing to everyone. It simply has a boring and slow feel to it. There isn’t much going on, at all. The black and white theme adds a nice touch. It makes it feel more authentic.Better Angles是一部时期的电影。角色和周围元素的雕刻是电影。大自然作为角色的刻画为缺乏情感的电影增添了生命。季节的变化,使电影有一些需要的新鲜感,并在屏幕上使角色重新激活。这是电影中看不见的历史。这是一个历史人物的独特之选,他在电影中有很多不同的化身。马利克的粉丝会在电影中获得赞赏。A.J.爱德华兹(Edwards)是一位崛起的电影制片人,详细介绍了电影制作。这部电影有利于其目的,即在亚伯拉罕·林肯(Abraham Lincoln)的生活阶段进行教育。 In that aspect it succeeded. From a entertainment standpoint, it’s too uneventful to keep the viewer intrigued.

Better Angels- 6.5 out of 10!


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